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Why We Need Net Neutrality

Why We Need Net Neutrality
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The FCC is trying to take away your internet, and today is the day to put an end to it. Every citizen, every business needs to step forward and join the fight to keep the internet free. Without you the future of hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of industries are at risk of being driven out by unfair practices and anti-consumer policies.

Take a look at what Net Neutrality is and how it works.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is the guiding principle of the internet. It’s the right to access what you want when you want. It is what makes the internet work, what makes businesses successful, and first and foremost what keeps the internet free. Net Neutrality is the internet’s embodiment of the free market philosophy.

How does the Net Neutrality provisions work?

The current FCC policy ensures that internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T cannot block access or slow access to any site. This prevents them from slowing down one service to ensure another service is more enticing to consumers. The provisions also stops companies from outright blocking services that might be competing with them or their partners.

What about Title II?

Title II is a provision of the policy that grants the FCC the ability to enforce these rules. Previously when attempting to formalize the concept of Net Neutrality the US courts told the FCC that in order to do so they would need to reclassify internet providers as common carriers. This is exactly what Title II does.

Without Title II the FCC would have absolutely no power and companies would be allow to block, throttle, and interfere with any internet traffic as they see fit. No Title II means no Net Neutrality.

Doesn’t this make me pay more for internet?

No. In no way does this affect the price of internet. All it does is stop companies from choosing what content you are allowed to see and at what speed.

Doesn’t this mean I pay for what other people use or I do not use?

No. Like the above point, this is a complete lie. If you pay $50 a month for 10 mbps a month this policy only demands that you are allowed to access all sites you go to without interference at 10 mbps. That is it. If you pay $50 a month for 10 mbps you are paying for the speed, not how much you use it or how much other people use it.

If you want faster internet you would still be able to purchase faster internet. The same applies if you want cheaper slower internet. This policy just forces companies to provide you the service you paid for without anti-competitive policies dictating restrictions.

Doesn’t this make internet providers not want to invest in infrastructure?

Again, no. This is also a complete lie. This claim is so false that the Internet Association has come out and announced that no such thing has happened, and in fact the complete opposite is true.

“ISP investment is up over time, and shows no decline as a result of the implementation of strong, enforceable net neutrality rules in 2015.”

Isn’t this all hypothetical?

Absolutely not. The fact is that multiple companies have already violated Net Neutrality in some of the most vile and obscene ways.

Verizon and Comcast both slowed down their customers’ access to Netflix unless Netflix agreed to pay them a large amount of money. To make this clear, they demanded that Netflix pay money for your right to access it’s streaming service at the speed you pay for. After Netflix broke because there was no law preventing this Verizon and Comcast continued to throttle the service. Both Verizon and Comcast offer competing services. Read more about this from Extreme Tech.

AT&T once blocked access to competing Voice Over IP services such as Skype. Consumers again complained to the FCC but there were able to do nothing. Read more about this from Fortune.

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all blocked access to Google Wallet so people were force to use their much more inferior and less popular competing services. Read more about this from The Business Insider.

There are plenty of examples of this happening. You can see more of them over at Save The Internet.

What happens if Net Neutrality ends?

The free market that exists on the internet will collapse. Major internet providers will block access to competing services and extort money out of small businesses with absolutely nothing to stop them.

Hundreds of thousands of people would lose their jobs. Entire sectors of the internet would die off. Your internet could even end up being sliced into packages to extort more money from you. The end result would be absolutely devastating.

How do I know this? Simple, because it was already happening. Companies were doing exactly this. These problems were getting worse until these provisions were made and when they are gone things will go right back to where they left off. The only winners will be the largest most morally corrupt corporations.

Why is this happening?

The newly elected Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, was a lawyer for Verizon and is looking to end the regulations that stop his former employers from taking advantage of consumers and small businesses.

What can I do about it?

Stand up and say NO! Tell Ajit Pai that his corrupt policies and vile code of ethics will not be tolerated.

Visit Battle for the Internet and make your voice heard!

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